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Your Great Value Complete Wellingborough Party Entertainment

10 Great Reasons to Book Your
Award-Winning Wellingborough Entertainment Today

# 1 : Best Kids Parties is a Birthday Party Specialist

# 2 : It’s Your 100 % Complete Kids Party Entertainment

# 3 : Your Child and All Their Friends Will have the Best Time Ever with the Fast, Funny, and Exciting Magic Show.

# 4 : Your Birthday Child is The Only Special Magician’s Assistant Helping With The Biggest and Best Magic Tricks.

# 5 : Everyone at Your Party Will Be Joining In with the Laughter and Fun. It’s Going to be a Great Time.

# 6 : Your Child’s Birthday Entertainment is Will Be Tailored Especially For Your Party Age Group.

# 7 : There’s Going to Be Non-Stop Fun Action Games That Gets Everyone Laughing and Cheering. No Sitting Out Here.

# 8 : Everyone Will Be Jumping, Dancing and Laughing in The Awesome Mini Disco Which Includes Stunning Effects and Easy Fun Dances.

# 9 : Free Incredible Mad Bubble and Snow/ Foam Effects That Your Party Guests Will Go Crazy About.

# 10 : It’s Great Value, Stress-Free Entertainment That Creates
Lasting Memories.



: All You do is sit down, relax and watch
Your Child having a
Great Time with All Their Friends and Family

is Included at all our 2 HOUR Parties and the
Kids Just Love Them!
We Bring them out Right at the End
of Your 2 Hour Party to Create a
Magical Finish that Your Party People will Remember.

this was a great kids party idea, all the children having fun with the bubble machine

Why Does
Best Kids Parties Northamptonshire
So Many
Repeat Bookings and Referrals ?

When You Book Best Kids Parties
You Will Get The Children’s Entertainer
With All The Great Reviews.

As i'm Not an Agency or a Company,
You Won't Get
a Random Unknown Person Turn Up.

kids birthday party places are whe you can find the magic man doing this umbrella trick

I Can Guarantee We are Going
to Have a Great Time !!

With Your Special Customized Wellingborough, Northamptonshire Magic Show
I’ll make sure your it’s silly

enough for 3 – 4 year-olds

Exciting, fast and fun for 5 – 9 year olds.
But savvy enough

for teenagers and can easily
accommodate groups with special needs.

It’s Going to be a Great Party !!

kids entertainment

Available at Party Plus

All Your Guests Will Take Home #

: A Balloon Model
A Super Hero Party Certificate.

magicians for birthday parties can supply a balloon dog and a gift like in the picture

Best Kids Parties Northamptonshire
Anything But Ordinary Parties !!

The kids magic show from Northampton performing an exciting and funny magic act for kids.
the kids entertainer from northamptonshire showing the children at a party a fun magic trick

You Just Sit Down, Relax
and Watch Your Child Having the Best Time Ever