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1 : It’s 100 % Complete Amazing Party Entertainment.
2 : Fast, Funny, Exciting Magic Show Full of Surprises.

3 : Your Birthday Child is The Special Magicians Assistant.
4 : The Best Party Ever with Tons of Audience Participation.

5 : Your Party is Specially Tailored to Your Party Age Group.
6 : Non Stop Fun Party Games That Gets Everyone Involved.

7 : A Fantastic Mini Disco With Stunning Lights and Effects.
8 : Free Incredible Mad Bubble and Snow/ Foam Effects.

9 : Great Value, Stress Free and Easy to Book.


childrens entertainer
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childrens entertainer
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When You Book BestKidsParties #
You Will Get The Childrens Entertainer that
All the Great Reviews are For.

BestKidsParties is Not an Agency or a Company and You
Won’t Get a Random Unknown Person Turn Up.

 And It Going to be a Fantastic Party  !
 Thanks, Tony-BestKidsParties.

# Thank You Party People for Booking Me to Entertain at Your Parties , Please Keep Safe . #  See You Soon, Thanks Tony
virtual party
virtual party

With my customized shows, I make sure it
is silly enough for 3-4 year-olds.

Exciting, fast and Fun for 5-9 year olds.
But savvy enough

for teenagers and can easily
accommodate groups with special needs.

I specially tailor every show to your party
age group

and will provide a fantastic show
for Your Party People at Your Party Venues.

“The Best Party Ever “

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Party Ideas at Your Party Venues
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And It's Not Your Usual Party !!

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Party Ideas at Your Party Venues

Its Going to Be Fast, Funny, Exciting Party Entertainment
for Your Child’s Next Party.

If you're looking for a Great Childrens Party with a

Professional Childrens Entertainer.

Best Kids Parties Guarantee to Supply the Best Kids

Parties Ever !!

" A Childrens Entertainer You Can Trust "

At Your Local Party Venues.

the childrens entertainer performing
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: A Balloon Model For All Your Party People.

: A Glow Stick Bracelet For All Your Party People.

: A Super Hero Party Certificate For All Your Party People.

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You Just Sit Down, Relax and Watch Your Child Having the Best Time Ever With

Northamptons Childrens Entertainer !!

At Your Local Party Venues.

childrens entertainer
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: Fantastic Magic Wand Kits #
: Awesome Glow Disco with Face Paint Stripes and Dots #
: Kids Inside A Giant Bubble #

2 children advertising magic wands
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Book Your Fast, Funny, Exciting Party Today !!

with BestKidsParties, Childrens Entertainer.

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Your Amazing Bubble Show Click Here
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Stunning Glow Disco Party Click Here
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great party ideas includes chasing a balloon
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lots of small children chasing bubbles

It’s Your Party and it’s Going to Be Fast, Funny and Exciting !

Your Birthday Person And Party People are Going to Have a Fantastic Time !!

Its New ! Its Fresh ! Its Your Amazing Party Entertainment !

All You do Is Sit Down, Relax and Enjoy.

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