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10 Great Reasons to Book Your
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# 1 : It’s Your 100 % Complete Kids Party Entertainment

# 2 : Your Child and All Their Friends Will have the Best Time Ever with the Fast, Funny, and Exciting Magic Show.

# 3 : Your Birthday Child is The Only Special Magician’s Assistant Helping With The Biggest and Best Magic Tricks.

# 4 : Everyone at Your Party Will Be Joining In with the Laughter and Fun. It’s Going to be a Great Time.

# 5 : Your Child’s Birthday Entertainment is Will Be Tailored Especially For Your Party Age Group.

# 6 : There’s Going to Be Non-Stop Fun Action Games That Gets Everyone Laughing and Cheering. No Sitting Out Here.

# 7 : Everyone Will Be Jumping, Dancing and Laughing in The Awesome Mini Disco Which Includes Stunning Effects and Easy Fun Dances.

# 8 : Free Incredible Mad Bubble and Snow/ Foam Effects That Your Party Guests Will Go Crazy About.

# 9 : It’s Great Value, Stress-Free Entertainment That Creates Lasting Memories.


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Why Does
Best Kids Parties
So Many
Repeat Bookings and Referrals ?

When You Book Best Kids Parties
You Will Get The Children’s Entertainer
With All The Great Reviews.

As i'm Not an Agency or a Company,
You Won't Get
a Random Unknown Person Turn Up.

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I Can Guarantee We are Going
to Have a Fantastic Time!

With Your Special Customized Magic Show,
I'll make sure your it's silly
enough for 3 - 4 year-olds.

Exciting, fast and fun for 5 - 9 year olds.
But savvy enough

for teenagers and can easily
accommodate groups with special needs.

” It’s Going to be a Great Party “

#1 Northampton's Children's Entertainer
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All Your Guests Will Take Home
A Balloon Model
: A Glow Stick Bracelet.
A Super Hero Party Certificate.

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Why Not  Book
Your Next Party Today

You Just Sit Down, Relax and Watch Your Child
Having the Best Time Ever

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party ideas

Looking to Have the Best, Fast, Funny and Exciting Kids Party ?
Award-Winning Northampton’s Children’s Entertainer is your perfect answer.
We  just do what our name says

Are We Northampton’s Best Children Entertainment ?
According to comments and reviews from people who’s booked us
or attended some of our events we certainly live up to our name.

We’re going to bring you fast, new kids entertainment, a magic show which is
 going to be full of surprises with fun, laughter, exciting magic tricks that are high energy
and with tons of audience participation.

 “Just watch the childrens faces light up with sheer excitement and laughter”

You Can Be Confident
that your child will have the best birthday time ever with exciting,
new fun, laughter magic tricks and illusions, complemented with our
fresh approach to children’s entertainment. 

We’re going to make your celebration very special,
because it is their (and your) special day.
We do by supplying The Best Kids Entertainment Possible and
Your Child is the only Special Assistant Magician (if they wish)
and they finish the Biggest and Best magic tricks.

No Age Restriction For Entertainment !!
We Cover All Age Groups
When you book, you know you are
going to get a well-known kids entertainer with some of the
best reviews around. Our shows are tailor made to entertain every age group.

Your party is going to be specially customised to your party age group
and also we have fantastic shows for groups with special needs.

One of The Biggest Challenges
parents face when planning a special event for their child is “How do
I get the entertainment to come to the venues near me?”
The answer is Northampton’s Award Winning Children’s Entertainer

We’re mobile, fully self-contained, and we’re going to bring fantastic
kids entertainment
to your location, be it home, garden, local halls, or school.

We will entertain at your venue, we pride ourselves on our reliability and punctuality.

Not Your Usual Party !
We have a large variety of high energy games
that keep everybody involved and entertained, and they are all go,go,go.

The games really come into themselves with everybody
joining and having the best time ever. All the games
are designed for everyone to join it, no winners or losers, just great fun.

You Also Don’t Want to Miss Out
on our best ever mini disco with stunning lights, non-stop
dance music that keeps everybody dancing and easy crazy dances

that all your guests can join in with. Your mini disco also includes
the awesome bubble effects and mad snow/foam effects.

You can also check out our list of birthday extras
like party plus, magic wand kits, a superhero certificate, balloon models,
glow disco option, place children inside a giant bubble and much more.

Don’t Worry About Your Invitations
because we have got you covered for free !!!
Just download Your
custom birthday invitations and then just send them out.

We Will Give You Complete Party Entertainment
We are going to have a great time that your birthday child and you will love and remember.

You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your guests
having the best time ever!
All our services are comfortably priced, and we are easy to book.

Why Not Book Your Complete Kids Entertainment Today !!
And give your child the best and most memorable time ever !
Thanks, Tony