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Party Ideas on To Make it The Best Party Ever.

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party ideas

You’ve probably started thinking about what to do for your kids party entertainment.
Whether it’s your first kids party you’re organising or your second, third, fourth or
more ive got some great tips for you on how to make organising your
Best Kids Parties Party easy and stress free

Tip # 1 For Party ideas

Planning Kids Party Entertainment  – Don’t Leave it Too Late.It’s good to plan a
children’s party as soon as you can , even around a month to two months in
advance.This may sound extreme but if you want to book a good kids entertainer
or a venue for a kids party as they get booked up really far in advance,
don’t leave it too late


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Tip # 2 For Party ideas.

The Three Main Things to Sort out Early Is The Venue, Your kids Entertainer
and Your Party InvitationsOnce you’ve got these done, you can relax a bit more.
After that, you just need to decide on the kids party food and decorations,
Follow up the RSVPs a couple of weeks before the party. Do also remember that
just because people don’t RSVP (which often happens)
doesn’t mean they’re not coming,so do plan for more
children are coming than have replied, also
sometimes unexpected siblings can come along too.



Tip # 3 For Party ideas

A Few Things to Bear in Mind for The Day of Your Kids PartyIs that you are going to need
set up and pack away time, so do allow for this when booking the venue,
Whatever you do, don’t book the kids entertainer to start for 3 pm and
hire the hall from 2:45 pm.15 minutes won’t be enough if you’re planning on
having food there and wanting to put up decorations etc…
A kids entertainer will need an average of 30-45 minutes set up time too.

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Tip # 4 For Party ideas

Organise Your Party Room, Split the room between refreshment area and entertainer area,
please ask Best Kids Parties for advice if needed,children can either sit at tables
or on the floor (magic show area) to eat and drink, put chairs around
the room for the adults to sit and enjoy your party


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Tip # 5 For Party ideas

More is Not Always Better
A common pitfall is for parents to lavish as much as possible on their children’s
party and organising as much variation in terms of kids party entertainment
as possible .E.g Best Kids Parties, then a face painter in one corner of the room,
a bouncy castle in the other, candy floss machine, etc…remember kids like
simplicity. Best Kids Parties will Keep your Party Entertained and everyone
will have a fantastic time ! All too often parents have hired a bouncy castle
and an entertainer at the same time and wanted them happening simultaneously.
Best Kids Parties recommend to have the bouncy castle on when your guests
are arriving, off when your entertainment is on, on with the party games and
off again when your best mini disco is on. Normally a kids party is
only 2 hrs so do bear this in mind when planning the children’s
entertainment and activities so you’re not trying to cram too much in.

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 Tip # 6 For Party ideas

Hope All This Helps and  Please Don’t Hesitate to Ask
Any Questions or Queries to Make it The Best Party Ever !!  , Thanks Tony

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