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Your Great Value Complete Party Entertainment

10 Great Reasons to Book Your
Award-Winning Entertainment at Raunds, Northamptonshire Today

# 1 : Best Kids Parties is a Birthday Party Specialist

# 2 : It’s Your 100 % Complete Kids Party Entertainment

# 3 : Your Child and All Their Friends Will have the Best Time Ever with the Fast, Funny, and Exciting Magic Show.

# 4 : Your Birthday Child is The Only Special Magician’s Assistant Helping With The Biggest and Best Magic Tricks.

# 5 : Everyone at Your Party Will Be Joining In with the Laughter and Fun. It’s Going to be a Great Time.

# 6 : Your Child’s Birthday Entertainment is Will Be Tailored Especially For Your Party Age Group.

# 7 : There’s Going to Be Non-Stop Fun Action Games That Gets Everyone Laughing and Cheering. No Sitting Out Here.

# 8 : Everyone Will Be Jumping, Dancing and Laughing in The Awesome Mini Disco Which Includes Stunning Effects and Easy Fun Dances.

# 9 : Free Incredible Mad Bubble and Snow/ Foam Effects That Your Party Guests Will Go Crazy About.

# 10 : It’s Great Value, Stress-Free Entertainment That Creates
Lasting Memories.



: All You do is sit down, relax and watch
Your Child having a
Great Time with All Their Friends and Family

is Included at all our 2 HOUR Parties and the
Kids Just Love Them!
We Bring them out Right at the End
of Your 2 Hour Party to Create a
Magical Finish that Your Party People will Remember.

this was a great kids party idea, all the children having fun with the bubble machine

Why Does
Best Kids Parties
So Many
Repeat Bookings and Referrals ?

When You Book Best Kids Parties
You Will Get The Children’s Entertainer
With All The Great Reviews.

As i'm Not an Agency or a Company,
You Won't Get
a Random Unknown Person Turn Up.

kids birthday party places are whe you can find the magic man doing this umbrella trick

I Can Guarantee We are Going
to Have a Great Time !!

With Your Special Customized Magic Show
I’ll make sure your it’s silly

enough for 3 – 4 year-olds

Exciting, fast and fun for 5 – 9 year olds.
But savvy enough

for teenagers and can easily
accommodate groups with special needs.

It’s Going to be a Great Party !!

kids entertainment

Available at Party Plus

All Your Guests Will Take Home #

: A Balloon Model
A Super Hero Party Certificate.

magicians for birthday parties can supply a balloon dog and a gift like in the picture
The kids magic show from Northampton performing an exciting and funny magic act for kids.
the kids entertainer from northamptonshire showing the children at a party a fun magic trick

You Just Sit Down, Relax
and Watch Your Child Having the Best Time Ever