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Always Plan the party with your child

Kid party idea is the creator of all kid parties

Brainstorming kid party idea

and kid party theme

.  will be the most crucial stage of kid party planning and thus do it right at first time will win you half the battle.

Below are some tips for you to brainstorm a kid party theme

Ask your child

It is so easy to get carried away with planning a kid party and completely overlook the needs and wants of your very own child. Therefore, employ your child as your consultant and plan the kid party with your child.

The easiest way is to ask your child what your kid want for his or her birthday party.
Your child may announce that he wants to bring his whole class to watch the Spiderman movie. If your budget does not allow then you might ask him to choose three of his close buddies to go for the movie and follow by ice cream and brought a birthday cake home for the birthday song.

—- or at least —- with your child in mind. Thus employed your child as your consultant for brainstorming kid party idea and planning.
You will have a lot of fun with them in the process of planning and take this opportunity to communicate and understand your child better.

Hello ! My child is too young to make decision.

Yap! I heard you I didn’t forget those cute toddlers under the age of 2 who might not be able to tell you what they want for their birthday parties.
For this age group, they don’t have any expectation of their kid party but in general, they are curious about anything that is colourful and attractive to music. Brainstorming your kid party theme toward this direction and you will be on your right path.

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Party Ideas

Kids Party Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

How many kids should I invite to the party?

Don’t think you have to invite every child in the neighbourhood

 or every friend your child has. A rule of thumb that seems to work pretty good is to keep the number of kids equal to how old your child is. You child will only be able to interact with a limited number of friends. The more kids you invite, the chances are very young children will be overwhelmed or exhausted. Applying this rule will keep the party small, and keep the budget under control as well, which means you can afford kids parties more frequently.

How long should the party last?

Kids parties do not have to be that long, because of the short attention spans children have. It goes without saying that the older the child, the longer the party can be. For kids that 8 to 10 years old the length can be 2 to even 3 hours, whereas limit the party to no more than two hours for children 6 or 7. For 4 or 5-year-olds an hour is usually fine, and no more than an hour-and-a-half, whereas if the kids are 3 or under, 45 minutes is adequate, and certainly no more than an hour.

How can I create anticipation for the party in my child?

This is usually not a problem. Mention having a party to a child and they almost always get excited, but if you really want to build enthusiasm, involve them in the party planning. Ask for their suggestions on a party theme, and what games and activities to include. Have them help makeup invitations and drop them in the mailbox. Let them help create and put in place decorations. Will there be party favours or goodie bags for the kids; then have your child help assemble them.

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approach to party

A Loving Approach to Kids Party Planning

Being a kid only happens once in a lifetime

We were all kids once. Remember?

At the time we had some pretty simple wishes.

From toys to parties we mainly just wanted to have fun

Recommend Article We weren’t concerned about responsibility or doing our chores. Of course our parents were, but they wanted us to have fun, too, and on occasion would arrange some kids parties for us. However, now it’s our turn to plan some parties for our kids. So then, here are some kids party planning suggestions that will reflect your care for your children:

Give yourselves ample time – Time is required for a party to be well-organized. From food to props to games, there are many things that make a party enjoyable. It should be a magical day for your child, so don’t short-change it, thinking, “It doesn’t matter. It’s just a kids party.” Rather, think how much your child means to you, so give yourself time to plan and do it right.

Brainstorm – Ask other parents for their ideas. The more suggestions you get gives you more options, ideas and possible activities that will make your party magical for your child.

Involve the child – Get suggestions from your child. Also, allow your child to decorate, make invitations and help you in organizing the event. By doing this your child will truly feel that it is his/her party.

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Kids’ Parties – A Practical Guide to Hosting a Kids Party



Whether to have a “party” or not is up to the parents

and what makes them feel comfortable

. However, it’s best to be realistic when it comes to expectations. Throwing a party for a 2 year old with pony rides, a magician, jumping castle, decadent food and a three tier cake is a waste of money if the expectation is for that child to remember any of it. Chances are they won’t even stay awake or they may have a meltdown as it’s just all too much for them. It’s only natural to want to celebrate these milestones but for kids under five, keeping it low key with family and close friends is recommended, until the kids and parents are ready for the responsibility, cost and exhaustion that comes with throwing a party (as well as the fun, excitement and joy!!)

Guest List

Who to invite seems to cause the most angst when it comes to kids’ parties. Again it’s up to the parent and child as to what feels acceptable. Beware of inviting the whole class, unless looking after 20-30 kids is not daunting and you have a whip and chair handy! For school age children, their preferences should be respected. Inviting kids they don’t know at all or may not necessarily like, may lead to social issues on the day. Humility and resilience are also important – kids shouldn’t gloat about having a party or being invited to one but also need to learn they aren’t always going to be invited either. More kids = more cost, more time and preparation and more chance for accidents and incidents. However, the age plus one rule is not necessarily practical either -6 kids won’t necessarily create a party atmosphere or make playing party games workable. A good number is 12 to 15.


Should you RSVP? YES! Some people go to a lot of effort, time and preparation when it comes to organising a kid’s party. There can be a lot of per head costs like party bags, entertainment and food. Respect that the organiser has gone to this effort and cost and their child is looking forward to being surrounded by their friends. Also no one should be put in a position where they don’t have a party bag, cupcake or prize for a child because they weren’t expecting them. Having only one or two kids show up would be even worse.Don’t rely on kids to RSVP to the birthday child or their parent – communicate directly with the organiser to prevent misunderstandings. This also ensures they then have all parents’ details if something happens on the day or they are not staying.

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Deciding the Kids Party Menu

The time of day your kids party is being held and your party guests,

can help determine the type and quantity of kids party food you serve

Lunch and dinner parties will require more substantial food menus

but snacks will be fine if the party is at other times of the day

 .,. If guests’ parents are invited to stay at the party, it’s a good idea to have some suitable food for the adult guests as well as some extra food stored away just in case.

Do not forget to check with parents whether any of your little guests have food allergies, that way you can cater your child’s party accordingly and avoid anything bad happening on the party day.

Remember to also ask your child what food and drinks he/she would like served at the party, as it makes your child feel very special that they are actually helping you plan their party.

To make life easier for you, plan a simple kids party menu that your party guests will still be able to enjoy. Try to have a variety of savoury food and sweet treats, and include in your menu familiar party favourites that are child friendly, quick and easy to prepare.

Some examples of popular kids party food include chicken nuggets, fish fingers, hot dogs, mini hamburgers, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, fairy bread, chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese, mini pies and sausage rolls, nachos, French fries, potato wedges, popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, jelly etc.

Children also enjoy other healthy food such as strips of carrot, cucumber and celery, cherry tomatoes, cocktail franks, cheese cubes, crackers and creamy cheese dips, as well as fresh fruits. Many kids are fussy eaters so they’ll probably like these more than any gourmet food that you may have to slave for hours in the kitchen to make.

All kids love sweet treats but try not to overdo it otherwise you will have some very hyperactive children running around at your kids theme party! Favourites such as cupcakes, cake-pops, biscuits, lollipops, chocolates and lollies are highly sought after by kids, but something that both adults and children really look forward to at a party is the cake. You can either bake or buy your kids party cake. Whichever options you choose try to match the cake to your kids party theme. Go online to find some inspirational ideas for cake decorations.

If you plan to bake the cake or make your own cupcakes, cake-pops, biscuits etc., make them a day or two before the party so that you have plenty of time to bake and decorate to your heart’s content, creating a masterpiece for your child’s party! Get your child to help out for added fun and it’s fantastic to have a few friends or family members over to help as well. Remember to store them properly though so that they will remain fresh for the party day.

When ordering a cake from a bakery, most places usually like at least 2 weeks notice. Lately though quite a few popular specialist cake places actually request a few months notice, hence make an early booking so as to not miss out. Also, order the cake to be picked up the day before the party so that you have one less thing to do on the party day. When you pick the cake up, ask the bakery for proper storage instructions, again so that it will remain fresh for the day of the party.

For kids party drinks you can serve juices, cordial, soft drinks, water, milkshakes, fruit smoothies etc. You can even make fruit punch a few days in advance and freeze them as ice-cubes. Then on the party day all you need to do is add some fresh fruits to the gradually melting ice-cubes of punch in a punch bowl.

2) Keep the Kids Party Food and Its Presentation Related to Your Kids Party Theme

When planning the kids party menu try to incorporate the party theme you have chosen, so that everything fits in perfectly with the theme. Decorate cupcakes, cake-pops and biscuits according to the theme. Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, fairy bread, pizza etc. into fun shapes that match the theme eg. Dinosaur shapes for a Dinosaur Theme Party, Tiaras for a Princess Theme Party etc.

Also, set out the kids party food on serving ware that matches the party theme and put a theme twist to the food name when labelling each of your dishes eg. place chicken nuggets in a treasure chest and call them “Golden Nuggets” for a Pirate Theme Party, use toothpicks (remember to break off the sharp ends to make them more blunt) to pin four round slices of either carrot or cucumber to the sides of hotdogs to turn them into “Hot Rods” for a Cars Theme Party etc.

In addition, set up a cake and present table with your kids party theme in mind, and this will be the focal point of your child’s party. Balloons, tablecloths, pom poms, lanterns etc. are fantastic when it comes to helping you set the theme.

3) How to Save Money and/or Time With Your Kids Party Food

Think about what kids party food you can make from scratch quickly and easily yourself. This is because anything that can be home made, will save you a lot of money.

If you decide to make all or most of the party food yourself, what ever you are able to prepare prior to the day of the party, do so. Freeze, refrigerate or store appropriately whatever you’ve prepared in advance, so that on the party day all you need to do is quickly cook, re-heat or simply just serve. The less you have to do on the party day, means less stress and more time for you to relax, enjoy and have fun with your child and guests.

However, if you are short of time, you can also purchase ready made and/or frozen party food from the supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants etc. that you can quickly whip up or just serve on the day of the party. Place your orders at bakeries and restaurants in advance so that you can either organise pick up or home delivery for the party day (ask a friend or family member to help you with the pick ups).

If you have no time whatsoever, you can even get the whole party catered and even have waiters and waitresses serve the food and drinks for you. I was so surprised when I found out how really affordable this option is. Just go online and search your local area for caterers and wait staff, and get a few quotes. You will probably be as surprised as I was. This option definitely takes all the hassles and stress out of the food aspect of your kids theme party. You can also ask them the cost of clearing up during and after the party. You will then have lots of time to relax and enjoy before, during and after the party, as there won’t be much cleaning up leftover for you to do.

In conclusion, if you decide on the kids party menu early, work out a shopping list, get all that you need and prepare as much as you can in advance, then planning and organising the kids party food for your kids theme party will be a total breeze and a lot of fun too.

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chidrens entertainer A special message from Microsoft News UK:

Embrace global festivals and culture

With so many young people grappling with the challenges of lockdown and homeschooling, mental health problems are on the rise. Help us get them the vital support they need. Our appeal, in partnership with The Children’s Society, connects the vulnerable to professional services. Join us or donate here.

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best kids parties

Christmas, Easter, Bonfire Night and Halloween – the events that usually punctuate our year – haven’t felt sufficient in the pandemic, so in my family we’ve gone all out for occasions that would usually pass us by. Cultural appropriation maybe, but it has livened up Groundhog Day dinner times. We had a Diwali party in November, taking advice from an Indian friend on how to do it right, and cooked pakoras, wore new(ish) clothes, played games and covered the kitchen with fairy lights. For Burns Night my four-year-old helped make frozen cranachan, we ate haggis, played a bagpipe Spotify playlist and recited poems, including a welcome address penned by my seven-year-old, whose lines included: “I don’t know why but my dad is wearing a skirt …” (In lieu of a kilt, a peach silk number had to suffice.)

Nearer home there’s National Chip Week (20-26 February), a chance to get creative with veg and potato varieties and toppings. Or invent your own festival. In January we created what will now be an annual, hallway-based celebration of finally putting the coat rack up after four years on the to-do list. Games for walks

Next up are Chinese New Year on 12 February (cue paper lantern-making, dumplings and fireworks), Valentine’s Day on the 14th (an excuse to make cards and candles) and Pancake Day on the 16th. February in normal times means mardi gras carnivals in Europe, New Orleans and most of all Brazil, and the Sapporo snow festival Japan. These are great excuses to make costumes, artwork and traditional food, and dance to appropriate music.

Taking young children on walks inevitably involves some whingeing, but we’ve recently managed to increase our four-year-old’s tolerated walking time from two hours to three or four by upping our props and picnic game (see below).

Playing is also crucial: our four- and seven-year-old now have several favourite games.

bubble shows

Guess the animal (with yes and no answers to questions) can turn into an equivalent based on their latest interests. We’ve done guess the species of dragon from How To Train Your Dragon, though you have to know your Monstrous Nightmares from your Basic Browns. Spies involves the children secretly following us while remaining hidden: they dart from tree to tree, ducking when we turn to survey the scene. For Pirates, fallen trees make good ships, especially if they’re on a small island in a stream.

in Bad Dad, dad is a criminal trying to escape: he runs off and we give chase, yelling “Don’t let him get away!” and throwing pine cones at him. For Sloths, the children hang upside down from tree-branches being sloths and I am a hunter/conservationist coming to steal/help them. Motorbikes means running up and down steep-sided halfpipe-like paths and ditches pretending to be motorbikes, making higher-pitched revving noises when going uphill. (Yes, you have to not care about looking like a plonker if you encounter fellow walkers.)

if these fail, enlist professional help. Treasure Map Trails (£5.99 or £8.99 for two) makes unusual illustrated maps of 17 English towns with quirky features to spot. Treasure Trails (no connection) produces downloadable, themed walk booklets (£9.99) involving treasure hunts, puzzles and clues to solve on 1,200 routes across the UK. Picnics, but better

If there is still some debate over whether sustenance is allowed on our allotted daily walks, I’d be willing to argue in court that kids need snacks when being made to put one foot in front of the other. We now take three flasks on our family expeditions: hot chocolate for the kids (with mini marshmallows), a larger one of coffee, and one of hot food – typically macaroni cheese for us, but friends recommend frankfurters in hot water for picnic hotdogs.

It’s made a massive difference and it’s much easier to persuade them out on a “hot chocolate adventure” than a walk. Our country outings have been made even more enjoyable thanks to our mini raclette set (£20), a simple fold-up grill heated by tea lights. We melt cheese for crackers and sandwich crusts, wipe it clean, then melt chocolate for dipping apple slices and sometimes more of those marshmallows, which the eldest whittles sticks for.

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Michelle Obama 

is taking over streaming again, this time for a younger audience.

The former first lady is teaming up with Netflix for the new,

kid-driven show “Waffles + Mochi,” Obama and the streaming service announced Tuesday. The show is based on the adventures of two puppets who have a dream to learn to cook fresh food with the help of Obama and a magical flying shopping cart. 

kids party for valentines

party time is always great,

Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home With Your Kids

Like all previous holiday parties at school

this past year, the tradition of passing out cards and candy for Valentine’s Day will look different for kids. Although some schools will still allow the passing out of Valentine’s Day cards and treats, all will be practising social distance protocols.

While kids won’t get a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration this year, there are a few ways you can help make the day special at home.

Here are some ideas kids can have a special Valentine’s Day at home.

Craft your own Valentine’s: Make extra-special, over-the-top cards this year to send to friends and family. Break out the glitter glue, pompoms, pipe cleaners and stickers, and let your kids make the gaudiest, glitziest valentines they’ve ever made.

Go virtual: Organize a pod of friends and family to do a valentine exchange. Send each other valentines through the mail, and organize a Zoom party so everybody can open them together.

Secret admirer exchange: Have one person secretly assign a person to family members and friends. That person has to send a valentine (along with a treat or two) to their secret valentine. Have a Zoom party so everyone can guess their secret admirer.

Make them feel special: Buy a few of the cardboard valentines that come in boxes of 24 that are usually handed out at classroom Valentine’s Day parties. Make sure to buy the ones with your kids’ favourite animated characters on them. Write some special notes on a bunch of them, and let your kid open one each hour all day long.