Ultra Violet Glow Disco Party :

A Real Disco For Kids

We Are Going to Have a Great Party !!

Why Book Best Kids Parties For Your Event ?

With the best music, Stunning light s, Great special-effects

and Crazy Games to suit ANY age, BestKidsParties will cater

to your individual tastes to create a Children’s Disco Party

kids party
kids disco

What is the Best age groups for a ” Disco Glow Party ” ? :

All Ages can have the Best Disco Party Ever as all Disco Glow Parties

are Specially Tailored to You Party Age Group

glow disco

What Type of Music Can i Offer for Your Glow DiscoParty ? :

Non Stop upto date and old great party hits can be played to
keep the party on its feet and I’ll gladly accept a music playlist from you,
as well as taking requests at the party from you or our young guests and
work closely with you to design the perfect,
individualized playlist to suit your needs.

My aim is to personalise the disco in every respect. The only
thing i’ll ask is for you to provide some prizes for us to give out.
You can spend as little or as much as you like on prizes, but
a multi-bag of fun-size Mars-bar type sweets (or similar) is sufficient.

Prizes are a sure-fire way of keeping children’s
attention throughout any disco party.
You may also wish to consider wrapping up a pass-the-parcel
or two for younger children up to six or seven years old
as a fun game – this is a
guaranteed hit with the younger ones.

Typical games include,
but specially tailored to the party age group

Hula Hoop Games

Musical Statues
Giant Parachute
Musical Chairs
Baby Food Hot Potato
Silly Relay Race Games
Crazy Tag Games
Any Party Game Recommendation
and for the older children fantastic “init for a minit games”

Also includes any or all of the following to suit the ages in attendance:

Best or ‘Most Original’ Dancer

Best or Loudest Singer
Best Dressed / Coolest Dressed
Best Air Guitar / Air Drummer
Best or Most Original Break Dancer / Street Dancer / Gymnast
Fun Dance-Offs
Locomotion / Conga

With Stunning Lights, Fantastic Effects, The Best Party Music and Crazy Games--------- It All adds up to The Best GlowParty Ever !!

party girls
Children's Party Entertainer